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    Thai Massage in Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg
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    Fish Spa in Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg

Welcome to LAKANA

LAKANA offers you relaxation and well-being from the hectic stress of everyday life in a quiet and tasteful atmos­phere in a central location in Prenz­lauer Berg. In furnishing and decorating, we have consciously placed emphasis on an authentic, stylish and high-quality ambience that combines Western design with tradi­tional Thai materials and handi­c­rafts. In addition, our entire premises are air-condi­tioned! With our treat­ments, consisting of the tradi­tional Thai massage, our Fish Spa nibbles or a herbal stamp massage, you can allow yourself a little "Thailand Wellness Vacation" in the heart of Berlin in Greifs­walder Straße. In our cozy waiting and reception area, we will be happy to advise you on our treat­ments and products, while serving cold and hot drinks on request.

Corona News

As we would like to keep you and also our visitors safe, our employees wear a medical mask during the appli­ca­tions. If you wish, you can also wear an FFP2 or medical mask. There is no obligation, but we would welcome the wearing of a mask.

Thank you

Fish Spa in Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg

Fish Spa
Nibble Fish

In our Fish Spa you will be pampered by our fish, the Garra Rufa or also called nibble fish, in 32 degree warm water. Your skin is freed from dead skin cells and gets a soft, very pleasant feeling.

Traditionelle Thaimassage - Massageangebote

Tradi­tional Thai massage

Tradi­tional Thai massage in Berlin is based on the assumption that invisible energy pathways with important acupressure points run in the body, which are included in the healing treatment so that the body relaxes and regene­rates at the same time.

Kräuterstempelmassage - Massageangebote

Herbal stamp massage

Warm oils and powerful massage strokes, gentle stamp pressure and fragrant herbal essences that is the fasci­nation of herbal stamp massage. Take a deep breath and enjoy to the maximum – this is a must during the herbal stamp massage.

Rückenmassage - Massageangebote

Back massage

In a pleasant ambience with aroma lamps, essential oils, relaxing music and a comfor­table room tempe­rature, the entire back muscles are gently massaged. The massage strokes are repeated several times and the intensity is adapted to the needs of the person being massaged.

Fußreflexmassage - Massageangebote

Foot reflex massage

Reflex­ology is a specific massage technique that involves massaging the reflex zones of the foot. Locally, this improves blood circu­lation in the foot. But the purpose of foot reflex massage goes beyond that.

Aroma-Ölmassage - Massageangebote

Aroma – oil massage

During the aroma oil massage, essential oils are gently massaged into the skin in combi­nation with a base oil (almond or jojoba oil). Flowers, fruits, leaves and roots provide the high-quality, fine essential oils and pure plant aroma essences.

Paarmassage - Massageangebote

Couples massages

Would you like to enjoy time out for two and enjoy talking with your sweetheart or loved one during the massage? Our premises can be functio­nally rearranged so that all our massages can also be booked as a couple's massage.

Combi­nation 1

Let yourself be pampered twice with one of our combi­nation treat­ments. First, you can dangle your legs with our nibbles and then you can relax with a foot reflex massage.
In addition, you will receive a compli­mentary water or Thai tea (jasmine tea or ginger tea).

Combi­nation 2

Let yourself be pampered twice with one of our combi­nation treat­ments. First, you can dangle your legs with our nibbles and then you can relax with a tradi­tional Thai massage.
In addition, you will receive a compli­mentary water or Thai tea (jasmine tea or ginger tea).

Massage in Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg

About us

Due to our several years of experience in the art of massages, as well as the conti­nuous training by specially trained staff, we can offer and implement our treat­ments with full energy and drive. As a result, we have expanded our offer once again with an additional Fish Spa area and can now combine this into a new experience. To be able to realize this experience for you, our Fish Spa area has become a real little eye-catcher. In our gallery you can get an impression of it yourself.

What our customers say

Very pleasant atmos­phere, clean and friendly people. You feel welcome right away. […] The ladies who perform the massage are super nice. […] The fishies…they are lovingly and expertly cared for by the owner. Hardworking little guys.


The 60-minute 4‑hand massage today was very good, absolutely relaxing and soothing. I also liked the relaxed and attentive atmos­phere and the beautiful store. Everything is very well maintained and beauti­fully designed. I will definitely come again.


Thanks for the nice conver­sation! Were the first but certainly not the last time there. Very clean and maintained with love! Highly recom­mended! Thank you Renè ????


We were received very sweetly. It was a very interesting experience. It tingles & tickles as if bath balls dissolve. Initially a small overcoming, then very pleasant. After­wards the feet are super soft and we had a really great skin feeling. Finally, a relaxing massage – just great!


Great ambience and super nice owner! There are seven fish spa places in the entrance area and in the back area massages are offered. 30 minutes fish spa highly recom­mended. The fish nibble eagerly on the feet, it tickles a little but can be endured. Price perfor­mance is outstanding, I like to come back!