• The Fish Spa in Prenz­lauer Berg

    In our Fish Spa you will be pampered by our fish of the genus "Garra Rufa" in 32 degree warm water.

    Fish Spa in Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg
  • The Fish Spa in Prenz­lauer Berg

    Fish Spa in Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg

Our nibble fishes

In our Fish Spa you will be pampered by our fish, the Garra Rufa or also called nibble fish, in 32 degree warm water. Immediately after dipping your feet into the pool, the fish, our nibbling fish, begin your pampering treatment. Your skin is freed from dead skin cells and gets a soft, very pleasant feeling. The blood circu­lation is stimu­lated, the regene­ration of the skin and the formation of new skin cells are supported. At the same time, the skin is tightened and massaged by the nibbling fish in our Fish Spa during the wellness treatment. A soothing experience.

The nibble fish

LAKANA - Das Fish Spa in Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg

Garra Rufa, Reddish Sucker Barb (engl.),
Nibblefish, Surgeonfish

Family affiliation:
Carp fish (Cypri­nidae)

Up to 14.0 cm

Life expec­tancy:
Up to 7 years

low nutrient, slightly alkaline

15°C – 37°C (optimal keeping at 28 – 32°C).

Jordan, Eurasia, Orntes, rivers in southern Turkey, Tigris-Euphrates river basin and northern Syria.

The Garra Rufa is usually mista­kenly called the surge­onfish. It got this name because it has been proven to alleviate the symptoms of diseases in connection with light therapy. (Ichth­yo­therapy) In its original habitat it lives as a school of fish in very nutrient-poor waters (thermal springs) that are on average 35°C warm. There it feeds mostly on small algae. There it feeds mostly on small algae. In the warm water it is difficult for most plants to survive there. When more than 200 years ago the people living there went to the thermal springs to bathe or to relax, they noticed how trustingly the Garra Rufa's approached them in a shoal. The people noticed that these nibbled at your skin and had taken a liking to it. When some of them noticed that their skin improved after bathing and nibbling, a kind of wellness tourism settled there. Many reported from alleviating complaints of various skin diseases such as neuro­der­ma­titis and psoriasis.

Our Garra Rufa's are fed separately every day. They are fed alter­nately with high-quality plant food, as well as food tablets with a high spirulina content and fresh vegetables. We do not let the fish starve, so that they are forced to eat their skin. Each Garra Rufa thus has its own will and decides for itself whether it wants to nibble or stay in its provided retreat.

The Garra Rufa are kept species-appro­priate, so that they and you can feel comfor­table. We use larger tanks than actually prescribed. Because of this, we are allowed to keep more fish in the tank and therefore have a more effective fish pedicure than other fish spas that only use the fish pedicure as a byproduct. There is no stress on the fish when you slowly dip their feet into the water. Nibbling is a delicacy for them and completely natural. It is compa­rable to a protein shake for us humans. The dead skin flakes are protein which is steri­lized by the previous disin­fection and cleaning.

Hygiene concept

Hygiene has an absolutely high priority at LAKANA Thai Massage.
Our aquariums are constantly cleaned!

The technology of our aquariums is very complex for the benefit of customers and nibble fish. The water in each aquarium is filtered 9 times every 60 minutes and 99% steri­lized by a UV system and an ozonizer. This technology is not only important for the customer, but also for our nibble fish. In public baths certainly no one has to sign if there are skin diseases. With us, everyone has to do that. Also we ask all our customers to wash their feet before the treatment. Our nibble fishes are used maximum four times a day and maximum two hours. Between each use there is at least one hour break, during which the water is again filtered 9 times and additio­nally steri­lized to 99% by the UV system and the ozonizer. Our customers can therefore be sure at all times that they are dipping their feet into clean water, which is even of drinking water quality. In addition, the fish veteri­narian Jan Wolter comes to us monthly and checks the health and well-being of the fish.

We are trained and have the certi­ficate of compe­tence in freshwater aquaristics paragraph 11. Only with this training with subse­quent exami­nation, recognized nationwide by the VDA or BNA, you may work with verte­brates commer­cially, for example in the pet shop or run a fish spa. The exam includes in-depth knowledge of freshwater fish, freshwater aquariums, aquarium technology, animal welfare laws and Washington species protection laws.

Requi­re­ments for the application

Every new customer must confirm to us in writing that they do not suffer from any known illnesses before starting the fish appli­cation. This is done once and then counts for all subse­quent visits. Children and adole­s­cents under the age of 16 must have their legal guardians sign the disclosure form at the time of their first visit. If any injuries or similar are found on site, you will unfort­u­nately not be allowed to parti­cipate until they are corrected, but are welcome to enjoy one of our other appli­ca­tions at any time. Please note that our fish appli­cation is approved for wellness treatment only. Your feet may only be allowed into the Fish Spa tanks for nibbling if you have healthy skin and no known conta­gious diseases. Each foot is checked for skin integrity by our profes­sional staff prior to nibbling in our foot wash basin, and then undergoes a thorough cleaning and disin­fection of the skin. Thus, we do not treat diseases such as neuro­der­ma­titis, psoriasis, fungal diseases or open wounds.

Diseases that are NOT allowed to parti­cipate are…

  • athlete's foot, nail fungus and other fungal diseases
  • psoriasis or psoriasis on the feet to be cared for
  • open wounds, injured or torn skin on the feet to be cared for
  • warts and corns

FISH SPA treatments

LAKANA - Das Fish Spa in Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg

Nibble fishes

Duration: 20 minutes
Price: 17,00 €

LAKANA - Das Fish Spa in Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg

Nibble fishes

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 21,00 €

LAKANA - Das Fish Spa in Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg

Nibble fishes

Duration: 45 minutes
Price: 26,00 €